Voluntary Blood Donor Day 2022

Date 29-11-2022 Views 541

Participation of IEMVers in Voluntary Blood Donor Day 2022

On September 18th, 2022 afternoon, many employees participated in the "Voluntary Blood Donation Day of Red Cross Officers, Members and Volunteers Hai Phong for the first time in 2022" under the direction of the IEMV’s Committee Union.

With the spirit of "A drop of blood to give is to save a life", IEMVers took part in this movement enthusiastically, excitedly and eagerly. Moreover, not only helping save others' lives, donors can also gain benefits for themselves. Regular blood donation, especially at young ages, helps reduce the risk of hemochromatosis, thereby lowering the rate of strokes and cardiovascular diseases, according to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (NIHBT).

The volunteer blood donation activities of IEMV staffs have contributed to providing blood for hospitals in case of emergency and treatment of serious illness. Through the voluntary blood donation movement, it means to spread the great action of blood donation and the spirit of solidarity, mutual love, sharing and volunteering for community life. For this purpose, the Board of Directors and the Union Committee are committed to propagandizing and campaigning to increase the number of participants in blood donation in the coming years.

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