Message from General Director
Mr. Yoshinori Date </br>  General Director

Mr. Yoshinori Date

General Director

Shipbuilding and other manufacturing industries are categorically in fierce competitions. Under such circumstance, “Design Power” plays crucial role in this competition. Whereas achieving exceptional “Design Power” is not so easy because it entails meticulous and detailed work with accumulated experience and knowledge.

IEMV was established in June 2007. Since then, IEMV has devoted its potentials in keeping up schedules and quality oriented culture.  In particular, IEMV conducts diverse professional development activities in order to improve our efficiency, maintain prompt delivery and ensure high-class quality products.   

As an outcome of those efforts, our business has expanded gradually and currently employs 70 top- notch workforces along with jobs received that is equivalent to more than 100,000 hours annually.

Majority of our engineers were graduates of distinguish universities in Vietnam such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Vietnam Maritime University among others. Aside from these academic credentials, our staffs are equipped with passion, enthusiasm and honesty. Moreover, they are young, fast learner and adept.

 We are aware of the fact that complexity in designs is felt during the production and design stages. Thus, clients sometimes hesitate to outsource their important tasks to design companies. In order to mitigate such doubts and risks, our clients can order from us some work samples utilizing their design data- free of charge.

As for the job order, IEMV offers various options to cater for our client’s satisfaction and convenience. Orders or instructions can be done via telephone, e-mail, online or directly visit to client’s location. Whichever the method, IEMV will always provide exceptional and customer oriented services.

Finally, our corporate philosophy is “Contribution and Happiness”.

Here at IEMV, we will keep contributing opportunities for our employees and their families, the communities around us and most of all our clients who always believe in us .Let us work together and achieve lifelong happiness.              

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