Message from General Director

Mr. Masaru Mizukami

General Director

Thank you for visiting the IEMV homepage.

For running business since June 2007, IEMV has been mainly involved in production design in the shipbuilding field as a Japanese design company. We believe that the Japanese shipbuilding industry is exposed to fierce international competition, and even if the difficulty of business continuity increases, our desire for "manufacturing" will never change. We recognize that maintaining and improving design capabilities is a major issue in many manufacturing industries, and especially in the Japanese shipbuilding industry, securing human resources and improving productivity are urgent issues.

IEMV has grown to have 70 local staffs. All the designers are excellent staffs who have graduated from science universities in Hanoi and Haiphong, and are hungry and amazed at the speed of acquiring new knowledge and skills. In addition, we place great importance on "customer first" and fully understand the importance of responding to strict delivery dates and quality requirements as much as possible. However, there are still many young staff members, so IEMV strives to provide our staff members many opportunities of professional education and training. Before starting a new job, we will carefully read the procedure manual sent from Japan and carry out training with senior staff. In addition, we aim to grow together with our customers by actively conducting visit guidance from the parent company (several days to two weeks), on-site training in Japan (one week to three months), and seconded training (three months or more).   

IEMV's philosophy is "Contribution and Happiness". We aim for the happiness of our staffs by helping our customers as much as possible. IEMV is eager to contribute to our customers by solving all the shortages of design ability. If you face any problems with the design work, please do not hesitate to contact us. Young and talented Vietnamese staffs are waiting for you with sparkling eyes.              

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