Corporate Philosophy

Contribution & Happiness

  • IEMV values its contribution to stakeholders, customers and even to communities it belong.
  • IEMV envisions the happiness its employees and their families by providing them opportunities to success and prosperity.

Mission Statement

  • IEMV endeavors to its growth alongside with its employees in order to be transformed into a trustworthy company.
  • IEMV provides high design competency to meet the demands of customers extensively and promptly.
  • IEMV shall perform its business activities with fairness, transparency and inclination to emerge as a reliable company in countries we operate.

Behavioral Guidelines

  • Challenged:
By demonstrating employees where they need to be developing to attain to where they know they can be, will boost their confidence in you and in themselves.
  • Honesty:
An honest person is always sincere and truthful and generally does not feel comfortable participating in practices against the company regulations.
  • Disciplined:
Employees with self-discipline can overcome temptations to stray from the path to success, such as procrastination and self-doubt. Self-disciplined employees work hard and often need little to no supervision.
  • Responsible:
Responsible citizens treat others fairly, are trustworthy, honor their commitments and avoid blaming others.
  • United:
a house divided against itself cannot stand

Things will work out when there is unity amongst those employees that are involved in the task.

 All IEMV employees shall adhere to these five fundamental values in their performance of their duties and responsibilities or even in their personal lives.

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