We make 3D models of piping system based on the information of basic design (piping diagram arrangement drawing). In the engine room it includes not only pipe but also other machinery equipment such as pipe support, ventilation duct, floor, handrail...etc. In addition, all pipe fittings is also modeled: valve, pump, strainer, gauge...etc. We use 3D model for interference checking, adjusting the original design, producing detailed fabrication drawings, installation drawings, pipe spool drawings, exporting equipment lists, material lists. Besides the 3D model is intended for ship owners to review and use to assist shipyard in the installation process. 


We make 3D models for all machinery equipment on the ship. Based on manufacturer's drawing. We use Catia, Cadmatic, Solidworks and Autocad 3d plant software. It is used for interference test, complete 3D piping model, calculating device weight, and as a basis for  the design of  machinery foundation.


From 3D model, we output fitting and fabrication drawing of all equipment. These are production drawings used for fabrication in work shop and installation phase. We offer products at the final design stage:  pipe spool drawing, equipment's fabrication drawing, plans and isometric piping arrangements for fitting work in yard.

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