IEMV’s Covid-19 Prevention Efforts

Date 17-07-2021 Views 673

The Covid-19 epidemic situation

The Covid-19 epidemic is a concern for the whole world and before there is enough vaccine to inoculate the world population, we need to take preventive measures to stop the spread of the disease. As soon as the first outbreak of the epidemic appeared, IEMV Ltd. established a Steering committee for Covid-19 prevention at office with the motto of operation: fast, timely and safe. By contribution of the Board of Directors, Labor Union Committee, Accounting & Administration Group and especially support from all the staff, the Steering Committee has been doing a very good job of preventing and controlling diseases.

Under the direction of Hai Phong city as well as the national steering committee for epidemic prevention, IEMV Ltd. has performed well and strictly complied with the 5K Rules of the Ministry of Health. The company follows 5K rules issued by Ministry of Health (Khẩu trang – face mask; Khử khuẩn – disinfection, Không tụ tập – no gatherings; Khai báo y tế – health declaration; Khoảng cách – distancing). Additionally, posters have been pasted around the office to educate staff about how they can take action to minimize the spread of the disease.


Currently, the company has about 70 employees working in a space of nearly 700 square meters. Following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, we have let 20% of the employees work from home. We understand the importance of social distancing, even during whole company meetings.

IEMV Ltd. has applied the preventive measures against Covid-19 in the office: 100% of the staff always wear masks and wash their hands before going to work.

Businesses around the world and in the country have faced many difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Travel between countries is limited. Therefore, our engineers cannot go on business trips and be trained abroad. Instead we have carried out online courses from Japan side to improve our design skills. Other online learning courses from domestic training companies include: work capacity improvement course, tax accounting training course, as well as determining and implementing the motto.

Despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, IEMV Ltd.'s Board of Directors and all employees have worked together to overcome all difficulties and challenges to build IEMV even stronger.

With the philosophy of "Contribution and Happiness", IEMV Ltd. always wishes to contribute to the surrounding community. In order to share the burden of preventing the spread of Covid-19 with the Government, IEMV Ltd. has contributed VND 50 million to the Covid-19 Prevention Fund. Through this action, IEMV urges each of us to raise awareness and join hands to fight the epidemic in an effort to return the country to peace, safety, and productivity.

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