The Seminar of Shipbuilding faculty- Vietnam Maritime University

Date 29-04-2022 Views 2058

IEMV LTD participated in the seminar "Demand for Human resource in the Shipbuilding industry - Current situation and solutions”.

On April 15th, 2022, IEMV Ltd was honored to participate in the seminar "Demand for Human resource in the Shipbuilding industry - Current situation and solutions" organized by the Faculty of Shipbuilding - Vietnam Maritime University.

Attending the seminar, who are the representatives of Vietnam Maritime University & Shipbuilding Faculty, Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SBIC), Vietnam Register, Nosco Shipyard Joint Stock Company, Pha Rung shipyard and several companies in the field of shipbuilding.

The shipbuilding industry has looked positive signals for growth and development again after a long time affected by the economic recession. Currently, human resources in the shipbuilding industry are in short supply due to the fast development of industrial zones, especially in Hai Phong City. At the same time, the attraction of students to the shipbuilding faculty is limited because of the particular jobs as well as the lack of attention from the government.

IEMV, in collaboration with teachers and partners of the Shipbuilding Faculty, have found out the current situation and come up with solutions to support the shipbuilding industry, to attract students to the Shipbuilding Faculty - Vietnam Maritime University

With the motto of contribution to Vietnamese society and especially the domestic shipbuilding industry, IEMV will continue to grant annual scholarships to outstanding students of the Shipbuilding Faculty. Besides, IEMV welcome internship to work at the Office, support students to study according to the annual plan...  help them consolidate the knowledge, that they gained from University.

In addition, IEMV is committed to supporting and accompanying the Shipbuilding Faculty to promote its image to fresh students in the coming academic year.

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