Scholarship Students’ visit in IEMV

Date 01-07-2020 Views 314

The partnership between IEMV Ltd. and VIMARU’s Shipbuilding Faculty,

To strength the partnership between IEMV Ltd. and VIMARU’s Shipbuilding Faculty, our company invited the exceptional scholarship students to visit the IEMV office on Apr 20th, 2021. We gave a presentation to them about the professional and friendly work environment, which has been established in Hai Phong since 2007. We would like the students to become familiar with the shipbuilding design process at our leading shipbuilding design company, where their University studies will be put to use in the actual job.


Following the presentation of Mr. Yoshinori Date – General Director of IEMV Ltd., the students had a two-hour tour inside the office. Here, they visited each group and its various types of roles within the design company, found out the particular software and technologies, also learned about how to design ships. Since then, they understand the importance of the knowledge gained at the VIMARU.


Last but not least, the visit is meaningful because it gives the students the opportunity to become an IEMVer when they graduate from the University.


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