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JOURNEY OF CONNECTION, Hai Phong - Dai Lai Flamingo Resort (July 11th - 12th, 2020)

Connecting Journey of 2020 named “Together, we win” is so special because It was organized in a situation which the world is fighting to SARS-CoV 2. But luckily, the situation in Vietnam can be controlled well, So with the approval of the Directors Board of IEMV Company, the company tour (Hai Phong - Dai Lai Flamingo Resort) has been organized with many memorable memories on July 11th-12th 2020. Company tour is an annual activity of IEMV every summer to connect all groups as well as encouraging of working spirit of staffs in the company.

IEMV bus departed at 7:00 am on July 11th, 2020 with the excitement of the IEMV members and their families.

Temporarily put aside the daily work, design drawings, We are immersed in the fresh, green atmosphere at Flamingo Dai Lai resort to enjoy relaxing moments. "Flamingo Dai Lai lies secluded where mountains meet waters, combining the beauty of breathtaking nature and artisan-crafted architecture to create one of the top 10 most beautiful resorts in the world. .”

The trip in 2020 takes the message "Together, we win!" in order to show the solidarity, the cohesion among IEMV members. And "Team building" is a collective game that elevates the spirit effectively.

As usual, warm-up program is always welcome. The members were immersed in songs and dances with refreshing laughter, forgetting hard working days. That is the happiness which company really want to give employees.

The Teambuilding includes many extremely exciting and attractive games. They require high concentration and good cooperation among members such as: rescue teammates, Pass the ball, ... The program attracts a lot of members and especially the children are also enthusiastic.

Teambuilding program taken place actively on green lawn of the Beach Club with sunshine and wind. Well here, IEMV members have a warm campfire night. And If teambuilding show the strength, skillful coordination of all member to bring victory for teams, campfire activity would be the rope bringing people together.

Beside the burning fire, Together they chatted, sing, danced and shared something about work as well as joys and difficulties in life. This is an opportunity to make good, closed relationships and understanding each other.

The trip has ended, but memorable echoes and beautiful memories still surely remain in the hearts of every IEMV member forever.

Goodbye to the green lawn, cool breeze, resting moment, IEMV employees come back to the projects, drawings and continue to welcome the upcoming challenges enthusiastically. After the trip, IEMV members who have renewed energy to continuing work together to contribute and build up a IEMV of sustainable development.

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